Marcie Downing

Marcie Downing


Inspirational songs and healing music from Marcie Downing

At a very young age, Marcie Downing recognized that she was meant to write music that touched and healed people’s souls.

“You can call it the ‘Perfect Moment’ when the universe aligns and the calming music in your head actually matches the music outside … and all is well. ”
Hugh Elliott

Over the years, Downing’s popular inspirational songs have acted as a form of music therapy to provide emotional healing, guidance and hope.

  • Many professionals in the healing arts rely on Downing’s calming music to help center their clients’ mind and spirit in massage therapy, meditation and in sessions for emotional/intuitive healing or grief therapy.
  • Teachers find Marcie’s inspirational music a soothing tool for their rambunctious classrooms.
  • Individuals all over the world experience greater spiritual awakening, enrichment and inspired moments from Marcie Downing’s special work.

“I believe we’re all born knowing that we have Divine within us,” says Marcie. “But somewhere along the way, many of us forget just how powerful we are. I write music to remind people of that … to open their hearts, calm their minds and allow their power to come through.”

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